Tag input

Tag inputs describe 1:n relationship associations in a single multi-select text input.

Whenever no record could be found based on the entered text, a new instance of sourceModel will be created upon saving. For remote data sources any GreenLight list page url could be used as in ajax mode these pages return data in json format.

This input uses Selectize.

Parameter name Description
remoteUrl Url to fetch data from, it is recommended to use GreenLight list page url's
field Field name of sourceModel to be used for searching, creating and rendering
sourceModel Class name of the model used to select from
pivotModel Class name describing the association (connection between the current model and sourceModel)

Tag field connecting the current model (Media) to Tag model instances using the MediaTag pivot model:


  type: tag
  name: Tagek
    remote_url: /admin/tags
    sourceModel: Tag
    pivotModel: MediaTag
    field: title