Field types

This page lists all form and list inputs available in GreenLight.

Basic configuration parameters

Almost all form inputs implement the corresponding behaviour for the following parameters:

Name Description
readonly Sets the input read only (will be processed)
disabled Sets the input disabled (will not be processed)
hidden Hides the input
setByQueryStrings If true, the input could be set via GET parameters (works great with readonly mode)

Simple fields

The following field types either have no special parameters or are mostly for storing data directly into the model they are associated with.

Field type Description Extra parameters
checkbox Checkbox input with on-off state
color Color picker input working with hex values
custom Custom input, accepts any view name as parameter view
date Date input (with no time value)
datetime Date input (with time value)
file File input
float Float type input with decimals parameter (integer) decimals
int Integer type input
password Password input
text Short text input
textArea Long text input

Advanced fields

There are a few special field types as well, that have more customizable parameters and behave different while viewing or saving records. For more information, check further pages of this chapter.

Field type Description Extra parameters
cascade Embedded forms supporting 1:n relationships model, sortable, titleKey
fk Drop-down select input supporting 1:1 relationships model, titleKey
select Drop-down select input options
tag Tag input remoteUrl, field, sourceModel, pivotModel
textEditor TinyMCE editor for longer, optionally formatted texts softBreaks, templates