GreenLight is a small CMS package for Laravel, developed by Greenroom. The general purpose of this package is providing a light CRUD / CMS platform based on reusable components as a common ground for our further projects.


The predecessor of GreenLight existed in the form of a full Laravel instance, not utilising semver and any form of package builds. After a while it turned out to be barely maintainable, as developing a codebase that is strictly tied to a specific Laravel version was not a flexible enough solution. Transforming the project into a light Laravel package meant the reusability and flexibility we needed.

Key benefits of GreenLight
  • Provides an easily maintainable, extendable and overridable codebase lying on Laravel
  • A set of 3rd party dependencies bundled, that were tested and fit the majority of our projects and help speeding early development up
  • Developer boilerplates (both frontend and backend)
  • A CRUD interface that can be used and extended based on your project's needs
  • Initial migrations, seeds to easily start a new project
  • Various minor helper functions
  • Placeholders

This documentation serves as a way for you to learn what GreenLight is, how to use it and what its APIs are.